Wednesday, June 24, 2009 / DJ Clix Network plagiarizes my PTC blog + DJ Clix Network does plagiarism

When plagiarism strikes: stole Learn to Earn Online content, my PTC website.

I give free tips about how to earn cash / money online, but if you want to use my work, give me credit for my work. If you want to know which of my work plagiarized, read this post.

Stealing, lifting your work or article, and passing it as your own -- all points to one horrible thing for every writer, artist and idea source, plagiarism.

Two days have passed since I sent them a notice for catching them plagiarize my PTC website and still, there is neither apology nor a word from DJ Clix Network and

DJ Clix Network / commits online plagiarism

To its site administrators: So would you rather ignore me after you've done something terribly inappropriate and illegal than do what is right?!

Your actions or lack of it is forcing me to bring this out to the open, until you admit to your mistake, post an apology on your website and mine and credit your posted payment notice as my work. commits online plagiarism

I hope you, readers, will take an active stand about plagiarism. It's not about who is the plagiarist and the victim, it's about committing the illegal act. You know it's illegal and still people do it because the persons involved either think no one would notice or won't make a big fuss about it. But it IS a BIG DEAL! It's like taking your neighbor takes your kid out for a walk and later, he introduces your kids as his. That's how ugly and wrong plagiarism is.

No matter what the intention is, plagiarism is still illegal. You are stealing someone's work and ideas, someone else's brainchild and you think you can use it just because you like it?

Who knows if the next day, your blog post or article gets plagiarized? commits online plagiarism

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Monday, June 22, 2009

DJ-Clix Network Team / plagiarized my work! Breached intellectual property.

I was plagiarized! My PTC website was copied!

Online plagiarism: DJ Clix Network and lifted my work and used it on their website!

Imagine my disgust when I saw my words, my phrases and my sentences posted on another website without due credit. To read it, click on the image below or check Clix-club's website here.

Plagiarism How to Earn OnlineThe highlighted phrases and sentences were lifted without my permission and without giving due credit to me by DJ Clix Network Team or This is their payment notice message to their members.

Now this was lifted from my original post below:

Baneneng's 10 Commandments on using PTC sites
Tips: My top 10 pay-to-click commandments

4. Be human and stay human. Don't cheat by using bots. PTC sites are armed with bot-detecting software. If you get caught, you'll lose all your earnings. Too big a risk for cheating, don't you think?

DJ Clix, as you'll see on my chatbox, is/was a visitor of my site. Less than a month later, I discovered this on their website. See how the words were merely rearranged? And what are the odds someone would come up with the sentence "Be human and stay human?" The words are the same, the sequence of words on the sentences and phrases are the same, only the sentences were rearranged. I've studied writing styles and analytical writing, so I know for sure that DJ Clix Network's payment notice was lifted.

Why, it's so obvious the words were lifted that they didn't even bother to edit the sentence. See, I wrote "PTC sites are armed with bot-detecting software," and on their site, they just took out "PTC sites" and pasted the rest of the sentence verbatim : " are (sic) armed with bot-detecting software." They didn't even check the grammar! That was way too obvious.

DJ Clix plagiarized my work, not once, but twice --- first on June 14 and then on June 22, 2009. The harm has been done.

To DJ Clix Network Team and, I hope that you have the decency to set this straight immediately. Those are my words, from my website, and you've clearly violated my intellectual rights, and that is a global intellectual property crime. I sent you a message (via your website's contact us link) and I am expecting your prompt reply and action.

Unless you set this straight by post a formal apology on your website and mine, and assigning credit to my on your payment notice, I will be forced to take legal actions.

To everyone else, be careful, stay on guard because someone might be stealing your work!

Plagiarism Learn to Earn Online

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Forget it: Insanely low-paying PTC sites

Learn to earn online: Phasebux, not recommended PTC site

Go to Learn to earn online for your list of credible paid-to-click sites

Learn to earn online: Phasebux? Not recommended, better look away!

Internet surfers around the globe are picking up on PTC as a dollar-earning opportunity, and with the boom of eager users and cheap advertisers, PTC sites are sprouting like mushrooms.

But how do you check for paying PTC sites that are worth your time?

It's simple. Check how much the site pays for every click. Some PTC sites will give you $.01 per ad click, while others may add $.001 per click to your account. If you've seen PTC sites paying at these rates, then by all means, sign up and click away! BUT if a PTC site pays only $.0001 per ad click, forget it, the site isn't worth your time and effort.

Why, you ask for goodness sake. WHY? Let's take Phasebux ( for example. For every 25-second ad, it pays only $0.0001. Let's compute how long you'll need to earn $1 for viewing ads:

25-seconds per ad x ( $0.0001 x 10,000 ads) = $1
To get $1, you need to click on 10,000 ads

25 seconds x 10,000 ads = 250,000 seconds or 69 hrs., 26 min. & 40 sec.

So are you willing to spend 69 1/2 hours to earn $1.00?

Nah. I didn't think so too. That's almost three days for just a dollar! Why, you can earn 200% more with Neobux, Koobux and BuxWiz!

In the PTC business, time is money.

So next time you sign up to a PTC site, check first how much you'll make and how long it'll take to earn your target amount. From hereon, I'll be posting PTC sites that I think aren't worth our time. I'll be updating this regularly, so do drop often.

Insanely low-paying PTC sites (DO NOT SIGN UP at these sites)
(more to be added soon)

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Clixsense: market-targeted ads, NOT a scam

After consulting with senior membrs of Clixsense, I found out that Clixsense, as a legit US company advertising on TV, is far from closing down or becoming a scam.

Clixsense has been running PTC ads for five years now and thought the number of ads dwindled from four to none (like in my case), it's still a good site to invest my time in. Due to circumstances, unfortunately for me who's located in the Philippines, many ads running on Clixsense require only US- and Canada-based users for market-relevant info.

But don't fret. Yet.

There's still hope for Asia-based Clixsense members. If you have an internet connection, better check for Clixsense ads at around 1AM or so. I tried it for two consecutive days and lucky me got three ads on both times!

Good luck and may you click on three Clixsense ads or more daily. :)

* * * * *
PTC site: Clixsense
Best time to check ads (for Asia-based PTC earners): 1 AM to 3 AM
No. of ads: Three (3)

* * * * *

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ClixSense: turning into scam?


Sadly, for three days straight, I haven't been getting any ads from ClixSense. Clixsense has been around for five (5) years now and it'll be a terrible disappointment if they stop paying now.

Learn to earn online: Clixsense turns to scam?

But of course I'm hoping for the best. Perhaps its advertising just stalled and will resume in a few days or so.

If your a fellow Clixsense clicker, take heed and hope this changes in the next few days. :D

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