Sunday, June 7, 2009

Forget it: Insanely low-paying PTC sites

Learn to earn online: Phasebux, not recommended PTC site

Go to Learn to earn online for your list of credible paid-to-click sites

Learn to earn online: Phasebux? Not recommended, better look away!

Internet surfers around the globe are picking up on PTC as a dollar-earning opportunity, and with the boom of eager users and cheap advertisers, PTC sites are sprouting like mushrooms.

But how do you check for paying PTC sites that are worth your time?

It's simple. Check how much the site pays for every click. Some PTC sites will give you $.01 per ad click, while others may add $.001 per click to your account. If you've seen PTC sites paying at these rates, then by all means, sign up and click away! BUT if a PTC site pays only $.0001 per ad click, forget it, the site isn't worth your time and effort.

Why, you ask for goodness sake. WHY? Let's take Phasebux ( for example. For every 25-second ad, it pays only $0.0001. Let's compute how long you'll need to earn $1 for viewing ads:

25-seconds per ad x ( $0.0001 x 10,000 ads) = $1
To get $1, you need to click on 10,000 ads

25 seconds x 10,000 ads = 250,000 seconds or 69 hrs., 26 min. & 40 sec.

So are you willing to spend 69 1/2 hours to earn $1.00?

Nah. I didn't think so too. That's almost three days for just a dollar! Why, you can earn 200% more with Neobux, Koobux and BuxWiz!

In the PTC business, time is money.

So next time you sign up to a PTC site, check first how much you'll make and how long it'll take to earn your target amount. From hereon, I'll be posting PTC sites that I think aren't worth our time. I'll be updating this regularly, so do drop often.

Insanely low-paying PTC sites (DO NOT SIGN UP at these sites)
(more to be added soon)

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