Friday, May 29, 2009

The 10 Commandments on using PTC sites

Find out the 10 Commandments on using Paid-to-click sites

Guidelines on PTC sites and how to earn more cash online

Based from my experience in earning from pay-to-click or PTC sites, I've formulated 10 commandments that every PTC earner or earner-wannabe must follow. This is an original article so if you're interested to use this, just read the note below. Enjoy! :)

Baneneng's 10 Commandments on using PTC sites
Tips: My top 10 pay-to-click commandments

1. For every PTC site, surf one ad at a time only.

2. Never underestimate the power of centavos. Without centavos, there is no dollar. Every centavos you earn per click and your referrals earn add up to make lots of dollars for your cashout.

3. Never share. Sharing is good in everything but not in PTCs. Do not share passwords or computers or your account will be banned.

4. Be human and stay human. Don't cheat by using bots. PTC sites are armed with bot-detecting software. If you get caught, you'll lose all your earnings. Too big a risk for cheating, don't you think?

5. Sign up at as many PTC sites as you can. Multitask and earn dollars by surfing ads from different sites at the same time.

6. Check and research to avoid being scammed. Save yourself from wasting precious surftime by counterchecking sites and their claims. Unsure? Check out our compiled list of scam PTC sites.

7. Be patient. Wait for the ad timer to run out before closing the ad so money will be credited to your account.

8. Be diligent. Surf sites everyday and ensure you've viewed every ad. PTC sites offer limited number of ads so better earn what you can down to the last centavo.

9. Respect and keep the upline/downline relationship mutually beneficial.
If you've registered as my downline, let me know so I can give you freebies and updates. I am planning to give away ebooks, books and other items to my downline. You help me earn $0.001, so I'll give you rewards. That's a promise. :)

10. Visit Learn to Earn Online daily to get updates and interesting tips.
From dictionaries to the 10 PTC commandments, I'll find ways to keep you informed and entertained, so do drop by regularly. *Bookmark our site now or be a blog follower :) *

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