Monday, June 22, 2009

DJ-Clix Network Team / plagiarized my work! Breached intellectual property.

I was plagiarized! My PTC website was copied!

Online plagiarism: DJ Clix Network and lifted my work and used it on their website!

Imagine my disgust when I saw my words, my phrases and my sentences posted on another website without due credit. To read it, click on the image below or check Clix-club's website here.

Plagiarism How to Earn OnlineThe highlighted phrases and sentences were lifted without my permission and without giving due credit to me by DJ Clix Network Team or This is their payment notice message to their members.

Now this was lifted from my original post below:

Baneneng's 10 Commandments on using PTC sites
Tips: My top 10 pay-to-click commandments

4. Be human and stay human. Don't cheat by using bots. PTC sites are armed with bot-detecting software. If you get caught, you'll lose all your earnings. Too big a risk for cheating, don't you think?

DJ Clix, as you'll see on my chatbox, is/was a visitor of my site. Less than a month later, I discovered this on their website. See how the words were merely rearranged? And what are the odds someone would come up with the sentence "Be human and stay human?" The words are the same, the sequence of words on the sentences and phrases are the same, only the sentences were rearranged. I've studied writing styles and analytical writing, so I know for sure that DJ Clix Network's payment notice was lifted.

Why, it's so obvious the words were lifted that they didn't even bother to edit the sentence. See, I wrote "PTC sites are armed with bot-detecting software," and on their site, they just took out "PTC sites" and pasted the rest of the sentence verbatim : " are (sic) armed with bot-detecting software." They didn't even check the grammar! That was way too obvious.

DJ Clix plagiarized my work, not once, but twice --- first on June 14 and then on June 22, 2009. The harm has been done.

To DJ Clix Network Team and, I hope that you have the decency to set this straight immediately. Those are my words, from my website, and you've clearly violated my intellectual rights, and that is a global intellectual property crime. I sent you a message (via your website's contact us link) and I am expecting your prompt reply and action.

Unless you set this straight by post a formal apology on your website and mine, and assigning credit to my on your payment notice, I will be forced to take legal actions.

To everyone else, be careful, stay on guard because someone might be stealing your work!

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