Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ClixSense: turning into scam?


Sadly, for three days straight, I haven't been getting any ads from ClixSense. Clixsense has been around for five (5) years now and it'll be a terrible disappointment if they stop paying now.

Learn to earn online: Clixsense turns to scam?

But of course I'm hoping for the best. Perhaps its advertising just stalled and will resume in a few days or so.

If your a fellow Clixsense clicker, take heed and hope this changes in the next few days. :D

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Maingo Dubri said...

ooooo, this makes me a little nervous. I just joined them yesterday. I've got like 300 clix left. I hope they get new adds before I run out....

Anonymous said...

I just got news and assurance that Clixsense is a legit company so the possibility of it closing down is a little low. Read it here: http://therescashonline.blogspot.com/2009/06/clixsense-market-taregeted-ads-not-scam.html

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