Wednesday, June 24, 2009 / DJ Clix Network plagiarizes my PTC blog + DJ Clix Network does plagiarism

When plagiarism strikes: stole Learn to Earn Online content, my PTC website.

I give free tips about how to earn cash / money online, but if you want to use my work, give me credit for my work. If you want to know which of my work plagiarized, read this post.

Stealing, lifting your work or article, and passing it as your own -- all points to one horrible thing for every writer, artist and idea source, plagiarism.

Two days have passed since I sent them a notice for catching them plagiarize my PTC website and still, there is neither apology nor a word from DJ Clix Network and

DJ Clix Network / commits online plagiarism

To its site administrators: So would you rather ignore me after you've done something terribly inappropriate and illegal than do what is right?!

Your actions or lack of it is forcing me to bring this out to the open, until you admit to your mistake, post an apology on your website and mine and credit your posted payment notice as my work. commits online plagiarism

I hope you, readers, will take an active stand about plagiarism. It's not about who is the plagiarist and the victim, it's about committing the illegal act. You know it's illegal and still people do it because the persons involved either think no one would notice or won't make a big fuss about it. But it IS a BIG DEAL! It's like taking your neighbor takes your kid out for a walk and later, he introduces your kids as his. That's how ugly and wrong plagiarism is.

No matter what the intention is, plagiarism is still illegal. You are stealing someone's work and ideas, someone else's brainchild and you think you can use it just because you like it?

Who knows if the next day, your blog post or article gets plagiarized? commits online plagiarism

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mitch said...

Isn't there a law for that? That's sad coz you're helping people with no jobs with your tips, and this is what you get in return..

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