Thursday, June 4, 2009

Clixsense: market-targeted ads, NOT a scam

After consulting with senior membrs of Clixsense, I found out that Clixsense, as a legit US company advertising on TV, is far from closing down or becoming a scam.

Clixsense has been running PTC ads for five years now and thought the number of ads dwindled from four to none (like in my case), it's still a good site to invest my time in. Due to circumstances, unfortunately for me who's located in the Philippines, many ads running on Clixsense require only US- and Canada-based users for market-relevant info.

But don't fret. Yet.

There's still hope for Asia-based Clixsense members. If you have an internet connection, better check for Clixsense ads at around 1AM or so. I tried it for two consecutive days and lucky me got three ads on both times!

Good luck and may you click on three Clixsense ads or more daily. :)

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PTC site: Clixsense
Best time to check ads (for Asia-based PTC earners): 1 AM to 3 AM
No. of ads: Three (3)

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