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UPDATED: Top real pay-to-click (PTC) sites

The internet is oozing with hundreds of pay-to-click sites that it is hard to tell which ones are real. Lucky for you I came up with this site and you won't have to go through trial-and-error before earning your first dollar online.

PTC sites operate on this simple premise -- view our sponsor's ad and we'll pay you. Some PTC sites like Clickasia offer the chance to earn extra by reading mails and signing up at sponsor sites, but those that stick to pure PTC action present just as good opportunity for us to earn cash. If you're still at a loss on how to earn online, better check out our PTC dictionary.

What good is earning dollars online when you can't share it to the world? That's the only reason why I decided to create this blog, I wanted to share the good news to everyone, because ALL of us can earn from this. All you need to get started are a computer with internet connection, extra minutes (from your normal surfing hours) and patience.

Here are my top PTC sites ranked from highest to lowest, with their pros and cons summarized. Just click on the banners or text links to go to the featured site.

NOTE: The key to earning from PTC's is to sign up at new PTC sites. Like everything else, PTC sites has a lifespan, some last longer than others, but just to be sure, earn from new sites before they close.


1. Ultimate-Clix
2,344 Registered Users; $8 Paid Instantly
This is your chance! Many PTC users hit the jackpot by signing up first on a new PTC site. Well, this is it! Ultimate Clix is the newest PTC site to date. Remember that one of the major rules in business (because PTC is an online home business) is to have the guts to get the ball rolling, so I suggest you go here and sign up now. You'll have better chances of earning here than the other and older PTC sites (see note above to know why)

Cashout = $3
Payment to: Alertpay
Processing period: One (1) to five (5) days

Earn: $0.005 to $0.01 to per ad view

Pros: Low minimum cashout
Cons: 6 ads per day only, one (1) to five (5) days for standard member's cashout


Click here to view site or register.

2. Neobux
Ah, Neobux. Had you done a tad bit researching about PTC, you'll find out that Neobux is the favorite PTC site of many. It's simple to know why, really -- it's easy to use, it's secure and foolproof and it really pays.

Neobux offers the lowest initial cashout (for only $2!). After your first cashout, this amount will increase by $1.00 for every cashout until you reach the fixed minimum amount of $10.00.

Cashout = $2 (first cashout)
Payment to: Paypal / Alertpay
Processing period: Less than 1 day (instant payment)

Earn: $0.01 to $0.02 per ad view; up to $0.02 for every ad your referrals click (referrals will be discussed in another entry)

Pros: Instant cashout; relatively new PTC site* (new PTC sites gives more money, see note below)
Cons: Fixed four (4) to five (5) ads per day only

Click here to view site or register.

3. BuxWiz
Another new but reliable PTC site is BuxWiz. BuxWizis among those that try to emulate what Neobux has achieved. Why even the layout itself is undoubtedly Neobux-esque!

But unlike Neobux, BuxWiz offers specials or freebies to the first registrants. The site is still in its beta version and as reward to early registrants, they instantly give wizard memberships, which will give you higher earnings per click and per referral's click.

Why would I want to sign up now when it's starting, you might ask. Think of the first Tupperware dealers, the first batch of Avon, Sara Lee and Forever Living sellers. After some time, the business boomed and look how rich they are now. It pays to be the first in business, remember this. So better register now , get a free wizard membership and earn more by getting your friends to join and click with you.

Sign up and get these early registrant's bonus :
+ Standard Wizard membership
+ Higher earn per click / ad surfing and referral's click

Cashout = $2
Payment to: Alertpay
Processing period: Instant / Less than one (1) day

Earn: Standard membership - $0.015 per ad view; Wizard/Premium membership - $0.01 per ad view

Pros: Instant wizard Membership; low minimum cashout; secure site; instant cashout
Cons: Site is still in beta version; Four (4) to five (5) ads per day only

Again, to earn as much as you can, you must be among the first to register at new, reliable PTC sites like BuxWiz. This way, you earn while the site is at its peak and you can get many referrals and compound your earnings!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

37,750 members, 494,032 Hits Today

If you want to feel safe about this whole PTC business, then Clicksia, an established PTC site, is for you. It has been paying members for a while now and if in doubt, you can check the forum section to see payments and testimonials for yourself.

Aside from normal ad surfing, you can also earn by
reading emails and signing up to Clickasia's sponsor sites. It's up to you to take up the extra opportunity offer, but remember that signing up has its own risks. If you'd rather convert the cash into page views to promote your own site, you can opt to go to its Traffic Exchange page. But if you ask me, I only use Clickasia for PTC, and I am using another traffic exchange website to promote this blog.

Cashout = $1 (Paypal) or $1.01 (AlertPay)
Payment to: Paypal / Alertpay
Processing period: Less than 1 day (instant payment)

Earn: $0.01 per ad view

Pros: Instant cashout; 10 ads or more per day (refresh your page several times a day to get new ads)
Cons: Five (5) ads per day only; bigger minimum cashout amount

Click here to view site or register.

5. Valuebux:
31,221 Registered Users; $20,378 Paid Instantly
Noticed that the word bux is the operative word here? Valuebux has a great, user-friendly layout whose ad name changes to let you know you've already surfed or viewed an ad. Like Neobux, the site is safe and secure and with a forum page to boot, where you can ask and get it answered by the Admin in a flash.

Cashout = $5
Payment to: Paypal / Alertpay
Processing period: Less than 1 day (instant payment)

Earn: $0.01 per ad view; up to $0.005 for every ad your referrals click

Pros: Instant cashout
Cons: 5 ads per day only; bigger minimum cashout amount

Click here to view site or register.


Good news! just turned one so all new registrants will instantly receive a $.005 signup bonus.

But more than the signup bonus, clicking ads at is guaranteed worth your time because there are over 20 ads daily. (Tip: login and refresh the site at 2:00AM and 3:30PM Philippine time and you'll get to browse over 40 ads daily! That's the insider tip :D) What's even nicer is you won't have to click buttons or answer questions when the ad timer runs out; just view, wait, close the window and $0.01 to $0.05 will be credited to your account. It's that easy!

Cashout = $7.99
Payment to: Paypal / Alertpay

Earn: $0.01 to $0.05 per ad view

Pros: 20 ads and above daily
Cons: Bigger minimum cashout amount

Click here to view site or register.

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