Friday, May 29, 2009

Step-by-step guide: How to make a Paypal account

Congratulations for reaching this lesson! You're now one step away from earning your first dollar.

Make your own online money account (Paypal and AlertPay). Understand that in PTC, your goal is to earn, and for you to receive money, you must first register for an online money account like Paypal and AlertPay. Think of Paypal and AlertPay as your online ATM card, only it's safer, because you will only need to give your Paypal or AlertPay email add to get paid.

So how do I do this?, you ask. It's simple! Follow the steps below:

How to make a Paypal account

1. Go to Paypal. Click on this link or paste "" on your browser.
Note that there's an Paypal uses "https" and not "http" like ordinary site. The extra "s" here denotes that the website is a secure site. Almost all secure and authentic payment websites use "https".


2. Under the "Personal" box, click the "Sign up" button:


3. Fill out the required information and click the "Agree and Create Account":

paypal 3

4. Check the email add you used in your Paypal account. Wait for the email asking to verify your Paypal account.

5. Click on the verification link. Return to Paypal and login to your account. Edit your profile and save.

Yay! Now you have your own Paypal account! You can use it this to purchase and receive payment from PTC sites and other online transactions like eBay.

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Watch out for the next lesson: How to make an AlertPay account

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