Friday, May 29, 2009

New PTC Site: BuxWiz

Once I shared here a golden rule in PTC business, that is, to sign up in a reliable website first to earn as much as you can before the site closes (next week I'll post my Top Ten PTC Commandments :D ). Of course, it will take years before such a site closes from too much traffic and payables, so as soon as you verify a reliable and paying PTC site, a click is all you need to get started in earning.

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Have you noticed how many (and I mean a lot) of seasoned PTC earners regard Neobux as the best PTC site, and for three good reasons -- (1) it has a low cashout amount, (2) it has user-friendly layout and (3) it's a secure website (we read that Neobux was made from scratch and a lot of PTC sites, both old and new, are trying to copy Neobux but so far, none has succeeded).

Now BuxWiz is among those that try to emulate what Neobux has achieved. Why even the layout itself, save for the color, is undoubtedly Neobux-esque!

Icing on the cake. As a new site, BuxWiz offers specials or freebies to the first registrants. The site is still in its beta version so it isn't complete ye. But once it is completed, your earnings will go back to zero, but HANG ON, now comes the good part -- you'll get a wizard membership, which will give you higher earnings per click and per referral's click.

Sign up and get these early registrants bonus :
+ Standard Wizard membership
+ Higher earn per click / ad surfing and referral's click

If you sign up as my downline in BuxWiz now, I will send you regular tips that only a real PTC earner can give you on how to maximize your earnings from PTCs!
Just post your username, date of registration and email to start receiving you tips. :)

Cashout = $2
Payment to: Alertpay
Processing period: Instant / Less than one (1) day

Earn: Standard membership - $0.015 per ad view; Wizard/Premium membership - $0.01 per ad view

Pros: Sign up now and get Wizard Membership (higher earnings than regular membership); low minimum cashout; secure site; instant cashout
Cons: Site is still in beta version; Four (4) to five (5) ads per day only

Again, to earn as much as you can, you must be among the first to register at new, reliable PTC sites like BuxWiz. This way, you earn while the site is at its peak and you can get many referrals and compound your earnings!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

>> Sign up as my downline in BuxWiz now and get tips on how to maximize your earnings from PTCs!
Just post your username, date of registration and email to start receiving tips. :)

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