Sunday, July 12, 2009

Proof that Learn to earn online is not a scammer

DJ Clix offered Learn to Earn Online money then calls us a scammer

proof that is not a scammer

So DJ Clix turned around after admitting his mistake. First he said "yes, I'm so sorry, what do you want?" blah blah and as you can clearly see from his email, HE offered me money. Then he's calling me a scammer for asking money.

If you can see the photo above, this is what he said:

*DJ Clix* to me (show details) June 25

Hi. This is a first message I read from you. much credits you want? What credits, money...?

Best Regards,
*DJ Clix*

*name changed to protect DJ Clix's privacy

Now a month later, after sending this message, I guess he thought "heck, this is a newbie! I can bully this person online," and so he goes around submitting my blog as a malicious site. Now he's harassing me, posting "stoopid" (sic.) messages on my chatbox.

But I won't close this blog down, for clearly I am no scammer. The tragedy here is blog owners usually believe those who spills the beans first. But later on, I can get them to know the truth. In time too, DJ, Clix, your karma will catch up on you. So good luck with your business and do other honest folks like me a favor, STOP VISITING THEIR SITES THEN COPY THEIR WORK AND HARASS THEM. You're like a bad employer; clients tend to believe them at first but in God's good time, your dirty ways and motives will be revealed.

Now, dearest DJ Clix, if you've noticed, I even extended you an undeserved courtesy to keep your identity a secret. If I were a terrible person like a hacker and a scammer as you claim me to be, I wouldn't have done so.

And by the way, you're such a waste of time. I'm blogging entirely about PTC from now on. I deleted my cbox since you're spamming me with baseless claims, and a plagiarist like you have no place in this blog.

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